Cognilab is an online research laboratory that creates sophisticated experiments, recruits participants online and analyzes results. Behavioral studies made easy.

Consistent intro text. The goal was to strengthen the research community through improved functionality. Cognilab is a web-based software platform that allows social science researchers to create and deploy complex cognitive experiments online. Lam worked with the team to develop new platform functionality in the dashboard that encourages researchers to publically track and chart experiments.

Joyce Lam is often described as a fusion of artist and technologist. A graduate of the bachelor of Design (B.Des) program from Emily Carr University, Joyce is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Digital Media (MDM). Born and raised in Vancouver, she has been working in this tech city for almost a decade as both designer and web developer. Her work ranges from “making things pretty” through art direction, to pushing pixels in UI/UX design, to building websites and apps. She is obsessed with the pursuit of defining good design. With every project, her goal is to create meaningful experiences by making beautiful things that solves problems.