Design for Startups is supported by Digital Technology Supercluster for the duration of 2020 – 2022.  Funding for student salaries is provided by Innovate BC.


"The experience was very positive, as was the end result. We provided a very challenging product and the outcome was very positive."

Shaun Jamieson, CEO, Silkstart

Featured Projects

Ben Westergreen for Bitlit (now Shelfie)

Ben completely redesigned our mobile app with a focus on our new primary user call to action: the “Shelfie”. He started with user workflows, then sketches, then mockups, then interactive design prototypes, and then he prepared detailed design documents for the development team.


"How would you characterize the impact for your company of the designer’s work? Huge! I didn’t realize how critical having a designer on staff was until we finally had one."


Joyce Lam for Cognilab

Joyce worked with the team at Cognilab to develop new platform functionality in the dashboard that encourages researchers to publicly track and chart experiments, with the goal of strengthening the Cognilab research community.


"I was genuinely impressed with the caliber of our designer. The program was well organized and it ran very smoothly."

Jose Barrios, CEO, Cognilab

Scott Bell for Koho

Koho is a new way for people to manage and access their money. Koho leverages the existing prepaid infrastructure to remove the traditional concept of banking from banks. As a technology company, we believe this allows us to execute on a customer experience Canadian consumers deserve.


Partners and Collaborators